Spanish one-on-one Buenos Aires
Spanish one-on-one Buenos Aires
Spanish one-on-one Buenos Aires
Proyecto San Telmo
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spanish one-on-one
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10 two hours private lessons $150 USD
spanish one-on-one
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What about San Telmo?
Where is our school?
Humberto Primo Sreet between Bolivar and Peru Historical Area 
organic spanish courses by organic people for everyone in BA city
Spanish Classes by native speakers in San Telmo Buenos Aires
Spanish Lessons and tutoring for you.
What about tango?
What do we offer at Proyecto San Telmo?
Spanish classes - Private Tuition
Spanish Language Courses in the very heart of San Telmo Buenos Aires Argentina.
Proyecto San Telmo Spanish Lessons Buenos Aires
We are your Spanish School in BA city Spanish courses Latin America Espagnol cours Amerique Latine - Spagnolo corsi - Spanischkurse Latinoamerica - Escola de Espanhol Latino - América
Cursos de Espanhol en Buenos Aires - Aulas de Espanhol e Tango em San Telmo
Tango instruction and Spanish tutoring Buenos Aires Argentina The lands of Tango El Tango fue declarado  Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad Unesco 2009.
Spanish Immersion in San Telmo.
We encourage you to take the DELE or CELU exam.
But ... What are DELE and CELU examinations.
DELE: an International Spanish Certification The Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera normally called DELE, issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education, Social Policies and more >> 
Spanish Language Courses
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spanish one-on-one
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Crash course for travelers
Grammar and vocabulary development
Spanish for University students 
Improving writing technique   
Foreign accent reduction.

Socializing in Buenos Aires
Absolute beginners basic conversation
Castellano for Business professionals $$$
Refine speaking & comprehension skills
Talking to your Tango partners
in the milongas!

With the right foundation learning becomes fun and easy.
Simple, accurate, interactive classes tailored to fit your needs.
We enjoy working with beginners and welcome the most advanced students as well.

Impress your friends back home with your command of the Spanish language!
Add an extra skill to your business resume.
You've come half way around the world to Buenos Aires,
why not enhance the adventure by exploring the romantic language spoken
by over 400 million people/consumers$$$?

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spanish one-on-one
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spanish one-on-one
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